Antique toy show defends itself against BBB -

Antique toy show defends itself against BBB

Joel Magee told me he's been running a traveling antique toy show for 15 years and his stop in St. Louis is the first time he's been put on the defensive.

Bill Smith, an investigator with the Better Business Bureau went to the show with some collectibles for which he knew the value. The items were 1940s Superman comic books and trading cards, 1950s plastic Halloween decorations and a couple of old Mickey Mouse pins... one rare one worth around $1,200. Smith says Magee offered him $40 for it.

Whoa. That doesn't sound too good. But wait. Magee has a point when he points out none of the items brought in by Smith were TOYS.

Magee says those pins, comic books and trading cards are an entirely different hobby.... an entirely different business. A business he's not a part of.

There was one item he did make a fair offer on according to Smith... a Roy Rogers toy box. Key word there, "toy." Magee says he knows toys. He made a $20 offer on the $40 item.

The BBB says you can expect to get between 20% and 50% from legitimate dealers for your collectibles. Magee says he usually gives 60%.

If you'd like to check out the toy show the BBB says be careful.

It continues at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel at 11888 Westline Indistrial Drive through Wednesday.

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