St. Louis company reaping the benefits of H1N1 fears -

St. Louis company reaping the benefits of H1N1 fears

Back in April, when the government declared an H1N1 health emergency, Vi-Jon saw a significant spike in demand for hand sanitizer.

They've gone from manufacturing nine-thousand gallons a day to 27-thousand gallons a day.

Vi-Jon had to increase production lines, add a shift and is about to add equipment.

I visited one of their three plants today in West St. Louis County (another is in Wellston... another in Smyrna, Tennessee).

I watched as one automated line was approaching 30-thousand bottles of hand sanitizer near the end of one shift. The other line where people are needed was approaching 20-thousand bottles.

Vi-Jon says the demand for hand sanitizer is unprecedented but there was a lot they wouldn't share with us... While acknowledging sales are way up, they won't say how much and how the H1N1 scare has helped profits. They also wouldn't tell us how many people they've hired to man these additional shifts and production lines.

They do say they're working at full capacity and they expect that will continue well into next spring.

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