Maryville reacts to pastor's alleged killer deemed "not fit to stand trial" -

Maryville reacts to pastor's alleged killer deemed "not fit to stand trial"

I wasn't sure what to expect when talking to people in Maryville, Illinois about how a judge ruled today accused killer Terry Sedlacek is not fit to stand trial.

That means no chance of prison for him. He'll stay in a secure mental institution.

One of the first reactions I got was from a customer at Maryville Pharmacy. He used to go to Pastor Winters' First Baptist Church of Maryville. With regard to Sedlacek's not having a trial he told me, "That's neither here nor there. The damage has been done."

Well put. I would find similar reactions from other people... including Pastor Rich Cochran at First Baptist Church who told me they just don't think about Sedlacek.

"If anything were to happen to him, it wouldn't change the circumstances of the day. And so honestly we weren't looking for vengance. We weren't looking for anything to return back on him. We still sit each day with the loss of Fred Winters."

Others said:

"Knowing Pastor Fred and knowing his wife I'm sure this is the way they wanted it to be. I'm sure Pastor Fred's up there saying this is the way I wanted it. I wouldn't want him to be punished. I'd want him to find God. So I believe there's a little bit of devine intervention."

"Pastor Fred wouldn't have wanted the death penalty for him. Pastor Fred wouldn't have wanted retaliation. He would have probably been satisfied with the ruling."

So you get the idea. It's all about Pastor Fred's family, his teachings and his memory.

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