Coyotes Among Us -

Coyotes Among Us

Coyotes are living in every state on the US mainland, yet seeing one roam around near Clayton and Hanley Roads seems odd. But that is the case, and residents there say they see it from time to time.
Missouri's Department of Conservation says urban coyotes are somewhat common, and they've spotted on recently in Forest Park.
And just tonight I got a call from a viewer who says he saw on in his driveway this evening in Affton.
I guess we just have to start getting used to seeing coyotes among us.

Update Wednesday
It's surprising how many coyote sightings we've heard about from you since the first story aired Tuesday.
My photographer also told me about one he saw in his yard in Manchester just a few weeks ago.
A couple of things from Missouri Dept of Conservation. Fences do work in keeping them out of yards. Breeding season is when these animals are most dangerous and that is in February and March. There have been no incidents of rabies in coyotes in Missouri in recent years. And there have been no reports of attacks on humans in Missouri, although there have been attacks on children in other states.

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