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Volatile meeting over street barriers

About 35 people from the LaSalle Park neighborhood in South St. Louis gathered to discuss an issue catapulted to the forefront after a home invasion-robbery-murder two weeks ago.

The mother and brother of nurse Gina Stallis, who was shot and killed, couldn't have been more clear. They want the cement traffic barriers in front of their home removed. They say while they don't believe EMS crews could have saved Gina, they are convinced the barriers limit emergency access to their home on Hickory and have led to an increase in car break-ins outside their home.

While met with empathy, they weren't met with a lot of support. Opponents to the idea say the barriers make the neighborhood safer by keeping traffic from zipping up and down the street.

In the end, Gina's mother Rose Whitrock and her son Joe, walked out of the neighborhood meeting not sure they accomplished anything.

At this point, they haven't but they do have the support of the fire chief and perhaps some others in city government that have more clout than anyone who attended that informal meeting tonight.

Stay tuned.

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