Are DUI Offenders Getting Off Easy? -

Are DUI Offenders Getting Off Easy?

In light of recent reports of dui offenders with multiple offenses not being punished, I talked to a defense attorney and a former prosecutor about the "system".
I asked how could it happen? Basically, they said the system works. That it isn't 100% effective because nothing that involves human is... but that dui is a crime that's taken seriously and comes with serious penalties. But they also said the system is not set up to try every dui case, so coming to terms without a trial is not discouraged. They said the jails are full and not every offender should be behind bars. I didn't know that every offender in Missouri and Illinois has to go through an alcohol assessment program to determine the extent of the drinking problem, and there are also penalties in place. Still, its hard to understand how someone with more than 6 offenses is still on the road....

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