Bike Thief Rips off Disabled Man -

Bike Thief Rips off Disabled Man

I'm sitting in the live-truck on the University City loop as I type this up. We just got done interviewing a man named Larry Bowen about his stolen bike. Actually, I guess it would officially be a "trike" since it's a three-wheeler. Bowen is disabled. He had brain cancer which led to a stroke. It left him in a wheelchair. He says in the chair he feels trapped but he feels free when he rides his bike.

But a thieft stole his freedom. Last week Bowen's girlfriend had her bike stolen from behind the apartment they share in U-City. Thursday night Bowen and his girlfriend believe the same thief came back and stole Bowen's bike.

He's on a fixed income and the bike cost him $750. He would like his bike back. He wants some of his freedom back.

The trike has hand pedals. It's red and has a basket on the back. If you know how Larry Bowen can get his bike back he'd like you to call the University City Police @ 314.863.3208

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