Big Mac To Return to StL -

Big Mac To Return to StL

When was the last time that the hiriing of the hitting coach upstaged the team's manager announcing he was coming back for another season?

The Cardinals confirmed today that Mark McGwire was coming back to St. Louis to serve as the team's hitting coach. The phone lines at the local talk radio and sports talk radio shows were lighting up. The arguments for McGwire's return---both pro and con---were passionate. That's Cardinal Nation. Passionate.

Many people believe that McGwire should "come clean" and the Cardinals have said they won't shield him from reporters and questions about steroid use. Some of those who covered McGwire on a regular basis will tell you that McGwire loathed the media. He was never comfortable and ill at ease with reporters' questions. Is his presence going to be a distraction in every town when the Cardinals are on the road? Is he going to have to answer the same questions in each city?

Let the debates begin.

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