Not Welcome in Chicago -

Not Welcome in Chicago

The story of the 6 Washington University students is starting to spread around the country.
The 6 say they were denied entry into the Chicago nightclub called, Mother's Original Bar on October 17 because they were black. the students were there for the senior class fall trip. Bolstering their case is the sequence where after being told their pants were too "baggy" they exchanged their pants with white students, who did get into the club.
Now complaints have been filed from Springfield to Washington and as students gather on the Wash U campus there is growing frustration and talk of a lawsuit.

Update Wednesday
The students held a news conference this afternoon to announce that they will not be suing the nightclub. They say they've reached a settlement with the owners that includes an apology, racial sensitivity training for club managers, and particiaption in diversity fundraisers and a demonstration planned in Chicago at the end of November.
The students insist the fallout from this incident was never about the money.

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