Kids Tamiflu on backorder for weeks -

Kids Tamiflu on backorder for weeks

The number one treatment of the flu in kids is nowhere to be found thanks to the intense spread of H1N1 across the country.

This has been the case for about a month...

But no kid with H1N1 or the regular flu should be going without a pediatric, liquid dose of Tamiflu. MOST pharmacies can compound the kids dose from the adult pills.

Brett Williams of Williams Pharmacy in University City explained to me, "We calculate the dosage based on their weight and then we mix it with cherry syrup."

The Swiss drugmaker says this is safe as they have shifted the focus of their production mostly to the pills since you can get kids liquid from adult pills, but you couldn't make adult pills from kids liquid.

Williams also told me the H1N1 outbreak has created a shortage in other areas. A drug called Azythromycin is having to be compounded for kids. It's used to treat secondary bacteria infections associated with flu. Even digital thermometers to check fever are getting harder to find. Williams had a few on the rack.

Bottom line, if your kid gets the flu and your pediatrician prescribes Tamiflu, you should be able to get it. If your pharmacist won't compound it for you, another pharmacy surely will.

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