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Quinn Campaign Seems Upset With News 4

Last Thursday we aired a story about Governor Pat Quinn's big announcement - he's running for governor. Quinn took office after Governor Blagojevich was impeached. Quinn inherited a multi billion dollar budget deficit. In light of the budget crisis we asked Governor Quinn how much tax money was being used during his campaign kickoff tour across the state. The question was prompted after we noticed the state airplane sitting on the runway at the downtown airport in Cahokia - the same place Quinn made his announcment. It turns out the plane was being used by another state official, and Quinn was quick to say the campaign visit wasn't costing taxpayers a dime, with the exception of his state REQUIRED security detail. Quinn told us he hired a private plane, and it was paid for with campaign funds. The story aired, and I didn't hear any complaints from the Quinn camp until Monday. I got a phone call from Elizabeth Austin, a campaign spokesperson, she was angry over the way we teased the story. Austin said News 4 implied the governor's trip was costing taxpayers money during the tease. In case you're wondering a tease is one of those 10 second clips we air prior to a newscast that promotes our stories for the night. Today I went to Sparta to interview the governor, he was clearly miffed when he saw me outside the VFW hall. I asked the governor if I asked him any questions or addressed any topics that he considered inappropriate - he took the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings. Once again he told our viewers he's NOT using tax money for the campaign. Quinn also said he will be happy to answer any of our questions in the future, and I'm sure we will have plenty more as the campaign season heats up. Although the governor might be unhappy with us, I do appreciate his willingness to answer our questions - unlike some politicians who have done their best to dodge reporters when they ask something unpopular.

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