Peer of teen murder suspect shares some insight -

Peer of teen murder suspect shares some insight

I covered the funeral procession today in Jefferson City for nine-year old Elizabeth Olten of St. Martins who was murdered last week. The family didn't invite media inside the church so we stayed out of the way.

Along the roadside between the church and the cemetery, a couple hundred people gathered with pink balloons so the family would see all the support they have in the community.

One of the balloon-holders is a senior at Jefferson City High School... the school the 15-year old murder suspect went to. Brianna Turley told me this situation has turned the school year upside down.

She explained it's really quiet in the halls and there are a lot of counselors available to everyone but she just can't get passed how quiet everyone is.

She told me she didn't know the suspect personally but knew of her through other friends. She said her friends told her the 15-year old girl who's in juvenile court custody, "wasn't exactly right."

Most significant details of this cime like where, why and how it happened aren't being released by authorities. They have to be careful not to say anything that could hinder the prosecution of this case.

We could learn more about the suspsect in a few weeks after a hearing to decide if she'll be tried for murder as an adult.

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