At Least Four Carjackings in St. Louis Area in a Week -

At Least Four Carjackings in St. Louis Area in a Week

We're standing in Hazelwood tonight outside St. Louis Mills Mall. This is the scene of one of the latest carjackings in the St. Louis area. We've had four in a week. One was deadly. A Velda City man was shot and killed by suspects (who are still on the loose) even though he cooperated with their demands.

It's a scary thought. You're in your car or walking to it and someone armed with a gun or knife carjacks you. One of the victims recently fought back and possibly saved his life and his girlfriend's life. I blogged about it earlier. Police say the best advice is to cooperate. The bad guys want to get in and get out ASAP. But each case is a judgement call. One safety expert had this piece of advice: be alert. It sounds rather simplistic but don't just disregard it. Think about it. In other words, be aware of your surroundings. When you walk out into the parking lot do you scan the area to see who's around? When you pull up to an intersection do you see who might be standing around on the corner? If it looks like there's trouble ahead maybe turn a block ahead of time. Be on your guard.

A lot of the times the stories we cover involve victims who have put themselves in dangerous situations or are hanging around with dangerous people. But carjackings are different. The victims from carjackings are usually just people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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