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Rams/Jets Historically Wild....

You don't usually get a great rivalry between two teams in two different conferences but for whatever reason when the Rams and Jets get together very unusual and memorable events happen to both teams. The two teams have met each other 4 times since the Rams have moved to St. Louis and all 4 of the games have been very interesting for different reasons....

1995-The Rams beat the Jets in the Meadowlands 23-20 but that was not what the importance of the game was. The Rams were 7-6 with the win and in the playoff hunt but they lost quarterback Chris Miller to a concussion which not only ended his season but ended his career. The Rams lost their final three games and missed the playoffs. It took 4 more years before the Rams got a sniff of the playoffs.

1998-The Rams in the middle of a horrible 4-12 season inexplicably beat the Bill Parcells lead Jets 30-10 here in St. Louis. The Jets went on to play in the AFC Championship and lose to the Broncos. What is interesting is if the Rams would have lost that game they would have had the opportunity to pick Akili Smith, Donovan McNabb or Tim Couch. Instead they drafted Torry Holt and signed Trent Green which of course lead to Kurt Warner and the rest is history.

2001-The Rams destroyed the Jets 34-14 and since it was Mike Martz and since the Rams were on their way to a 14-2 season and since they were playing in New York the story became the Rams were running the score up on people because the Rams called for an onside kick midway through the 3rd quarter. This game is also remembered for the one great game for Trung Canidate. He had 232 total yards in the win.

2004-The Rams needed to beat the Jets at the Dome on the final day of the season and get some help to make the playoffs. The Rams got the help they needed and then played a wild overtime game beating the Jets 32-29 on a Jeff Wilkins 31 yard field goal.

These teams may have only played four times since moving to St. Louis but every game has been memorable for one reason or another. I don't have a lot of faith that this one will be as exciting but with Brett Favre in the mix there might be something special waiting for us on Sunday.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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