It's Official-Darby Will Start -

It's Official-Darby Will Start

Jim Haslett announced after practice that Kenneth Darby will start this Sunday at running back.

Samkon Gado and Antonio Pittman will also be involved in the run game.

Travis Minor has been cleared from his concussion and was back in practice today, but Haslett said they will wait an extra week before letting him play.

Side Notes:

-After sporting his high school number of 9 last week, Torry Holt continued his Friday alternate jersey trend, wearing #1 today. "#1 draft pick" laughed Holt.

Next week, Holt told me he most likely will wear #6--for being the sixth pick overall.

-Brian Leonard said that his shoulder surgery went better than expected, only a muscle in his rotator cuff needed to be fixed not the labrum too. He is wearing a special sling, with a sponge between his torso and elbow to prop out his arm.

Leonard wil wear the sling for three more weeks, than can begin rehab--which should have him ready in 4-6 months.

-Check back later today for Raw Rams Video featuring Jim Haslett, Torry Holt, Kenneth Darby--and the Rams biggest pranksters. Plus, Steve Savard and I discuss the key matchups of this Sunday's game.

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