Rock Bottom -

Rock Bottom

The Rams are at rock bottom. It is as simple as that. Their talent level is just nowhere near to any of the top teams in the league. The team that beat the Redskins and Cowboys was a mirage. These are the real Rams. Now where the organization goes from here becomes the big question.

I am reminded of two games in St. Louis Rams history where I had the same feeling. The first one was in 1996. The Rams went to Pittsburgh and got blown out 42-6 by Jerome Bettis and the crew. That game sent the Rams to 2-7 and would lead to the ouster of Rich Brooks. The team had quit and the organziation knew it was time to clean house.

The second game this one reminded me of was in 1998 when the Rams went to Miami and were shutout 14-0 by the lowly Dolphins. Tony Banks missed a wide open Ricky Proehl in the endzone and then didn't go home on the team charter. This finally forced Dick Vermeil to realize that Tony Banks was not going to be the answer and that lead to big time changes which of course lead to a Super Bowl a year later.

When the team hits rock bottom the hard decisions are made. Is Jim Haslett the answer? Is Marc Bulger the future? Who stays and who goes? That is what will be determined in the next 7 games. The 2008 season is lost but the intrigue isn't.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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