Post Game Reaction -

Post Game Reaction

Jim Haslett described it as "embarassing". Will Witherspoon used "disappointed". But Richie Incognito summed it all up best...

"The Rams got taken out behind the woodshed. We got our butts beat".

On the offensive side, there were five turnovers.

The turnovers put the Rams most effective running back, Kenneth Darby, on the sidelines because Jim Haslett wanted someone who could at least protect the ball. Antonio Pittman had the effort, but was unable to get past the Jets defense even when a hole was opened. Pittman finished with 28 yards on 13 carries, Darby had 32 yards on four runs.

Both Marc Bulger and Trent Green were picked off when they locked in one receiver and both finished with passer ratings below 34%.

Part of that was again the lack of blocking. The Jets had some good calls that brought untouched blitzers from their secondary, but the Rams also missed some assignments or simply got beat.

Besides eliminating their own scoring chances, the Rams enabled New York to begin each drive at an average of their own 44 yard line. Four times the Jets took over already in St. Louis territory--and each time it led to points.

Just as important as the short field, it also contributed to a lopsided time of possession advantage of 37:03 to 22:57.

An extra 14:00 for Thomas Jones to take advantage of the Rams lining up in wrong gaps at linebacker, not wrapping up for tackles, and clearly being pushed back on the line.

In the fourth quarter alone, the Jets held the ball 13:27--with only two drives.

New York averaged gains of 4.8 yards per rush and 8.8 yards per pass.

The Rams 3.8 per gain on the ground and 4.8 by pass.

Yes, this was embarassing, disappointing, and a butt beating.

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