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Haslett Breaks Down Mistakes

The list was long, but Jim Haslett went over all of the mistakes his team made yesterday...

Paraphrasing the highlights from Haslett...

Special teams...coverages were awesome, return units awful.

Defense...coverage actually okay, took it to us up front. Faneca and Co. beat our line and we didn't line up and execute as linebackers.

Offense...break down on every single play. Every single play.

Combination of can't do it and won't do it...fixing that is the million dollar question.

It was a real interesting meeting this morning.

It's not on coaching...it had nothing to do with scheme, Xs and Os, on the defensive side there were plays we ran 15 times in practice last week that weren't executed.

There was effort there, I guess that's a good thing. I'll give credit to Nick Leckey. He was outstanding, he played his butt off. Thought he would have the most problems going against Kris Jenkins, but had the best game of anyone.

Offense more physical mistakes, defense mental.

When asked if the team was too fragile to respond, Haslett became more animated and used some colorful language to emphasize 5 Turnovers.

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