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Haslett Wednesday Presser

Rams head coach Jim Haslett opened his Wednesday press conference with a question about the high school sports scene, specifically what was wrong with the football playoffs.

Haslett asked how the playoff structure works in St. Louis. Haslett was confused how his son's team (Clayton) had beat some of the teams that were in the playoffs and was amazed to learn that only the last three games of the season determine the playoffs.

Injury Update: Tye Hill out this week, along with Erik Moore. Steven worked better today, will see how he is tomorrow and will make a decision later in the week.

Hill still has fluid on the knee which will need to get out before he can return. Ron Bartell has the flu, so he came out early of practice.

On facing MIke Martz again...

Same type of offense we (Rams) run, great running back in Gore. Sean Hill did a great job at QB last week. Strange, I can't get away from the guy (Martz).

During the era when we were both going at each other, we really didn't talk much--but talked at length at Senior Bowl a couple of years ago. Then when Haslett came to STL they talked again and Martz shared insight.

Yeah, I'm sure he will...on if Martz will have some of the "bull-blank" plays this week.

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