More Haslett -

More Haslett

More from the coach on this week's matchup against the 49ers...

-Pleased with how team responded today.

-Isaac Bruce looks like he always has before. Great zip coming out of his breaks, playing at a lot of different spots. Great knowledge of offense.

-Frank Gore is a beast, a very strong runner.

-Does not know Mike Singletary very well, only by reputation.

-So far, happy with competitive level of team--Sunday was a bad day, and it was not taken well by the team, especially the guys on defense. Haslett does not coach through anger, still have to teach.

They are what they are. Have to teach, know the strengths and weaknesses.

-On 49er week...

One team is 2-7, the other is 2-7?? It's not much of a rivalry.

Not concerned with all-time records, just right now.

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