First Half Deja Vu -

First Half Deja Vu

The Rams have been outscored 75-3 the last two weeks in the first half. Like last week, turnovers are again largely responsible.

-Two interceptions from Marc Bulger, both forced into coverage. Walt Harris had a third, but landed out of bounds. Add a fumble, and 3 turnovers for the Rams.

With the score out of hand, the Rams have abandoned what was a good start from Antonio Pittman on the ground.

-No pass rush. Shaun Hill, like Brett Favre, has a clean jersey and has connected on all but two of his passes for 192 yards.

-No run defense. Frank Gore has run past and through the Rams defense. Witherspoon, Tinoisamoa, and Chavous have all been unable to bring him down.

-The Rams have held the ball and extra 7+ minutes to the 49ers, but have nothing to show for it. Only one trip to the red zone (0-1), while SF is 5-5 with all TDs.

Jim Haslett said he felt his team would respond today, and initially they did move the ball. But since then, it has been the 49ers responding--not the Rams. Haslett can say that this is not on the coaches, but if personnel changes are not made in the second half and this next week, then the preparation and decision to stay with this lineup has to be questioned.

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