Final Score: SF 35 STL 16 -

Final Score: SF 35 STL 16

The Rams lost more than the game as two more parts to the offense left the game early due to injury.

Both Orlando Pace (leg) and Richie Incognito (shoulder) were banged up and unable to finish the game. But it really didn't make a difference as the 49ers had already put up five touchdowns against the Rams.

Marc Bulger attempted a career high 51 pass attempts, completing 33 of them for 295 yards. Bugler had two key interceptions in the first half, before connecting with Dane Looker for the TD late in the 4th quarter.

The Rams had 406 total net yards to the 49ers 334.

But as noted earlier, the key again today was turnovers by the Rams as they had three consecutive possessions in the 2nd quarter result in handing the ball over to SF--and the 49ers scored TDs on all of them.

Until the second half, the Rams defense again had no pass rush and did little to slow Frank Gore and the run game.

The team did not quit, forcing SF to punt on most occassions in the 2nd half and scoring 13 points--but it was a softer, less aggressive defense from the 49ers as they played not to lose and took the pedal off the gas.

And not quitting is little consolation after back to back weeks of being embarrassed, and completely dominated in the first half.

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