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Disgusting. That is the word that comes to mind today with today's game and effort by the entire Rams team in San Francisco. I can accept a team getting beaten or even beaten badly if a team is totally overmatched but to see a team totally lay down to a hapless 2-7 San Francisco 49ers teams is totally unacceptable. The team's owners should expect better and the Rams fans in this town deserve better.

Where do you even begin. The play in every facet of today's game was unacceptable. What made it even worse was what happened in the second half. There were actually players in the locker room today who were proud that they "didn't give up" in the second half. The game was OVER. It didn't matter and frankly you are supposed to not give up, which brings me to the second point....

What were the Rams coaches doing in the second half? Why are you kicking field goals when you are down 35-3 in the second half? That makes no sense? Why are you punting in the 49ers end? Why are you calling timeouts at the end of the game when you have clearly given up? Why are you throwing 2 yard outs when you need to score. There were so many bizarre play calls and decisions in the second half that I question if the entire coaching staff and team needs to go.

There is clearly a cancer in the Rams locker room and it must be extracted. I don't know if you can turnover a roster by 70% but I think the Rams are going to have to try. Everyone in that locker room has the stench of quitting on one coach and possibly two now in the same season. This was as bad of a game of football as has ever been played by a St. Louis professional football team.

The Chicago Bears are in town next weekend and it will be Soldier Field south on Sunday. There will be at least 25,000 Bears fans in the dome on Sunday so things are bound to get ugly. I hope the Rams have some sort of heart left but I fear there is nothing but 6 losses left for the Rams on their schedule.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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