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Bulger Staying at QB

After meeting with his offensive coaches, the decision has been made by Jim Haslett to keep Marc Bulger as starting quarterback.

Sticking with Bulger...spoke with all coaches and came to that decision. Had some bad plays, but other than that threw pretty well.

Turnovers again killed the team.

Have to consider all things--what's best for organization long and short term, investment, who can step in. Bulger gives the team best chance to win.

Bulger called all plays in the second half due to no-huddle. Prepped all week on calls.

"It was evident yesterday, wasn't it"--on poor tackling. "It's a will".
Practice it all week, had pads on Thursday--have to go out there and do it. Most disappointing thing on defensive side.

Goldberg starts at LT for Pace.
Will see how Greco practices this week, if Richie can't go, he's in. Up either way.

Talked all week about putting points on the board, missed field goal at the beginning can kind of see it then, and then bad punt sets up field position for TD, down 10-0.

Have to have some mentally tough guys and fight through that. Still learning if he has those types of players as leaders in the locker room.

Penalty on coaching staff--was on him. Was telling referee to get off the ball so they could snap and run the play.

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