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Haslett Press Conference Transcript

Here's the official transcript of today's Jim Haslett press conference.

Head Coach Jim Haslett

November 17, 2008

(Opening remarks)

"(CB) Ron Bartell came through ok with his knee and he will be day-to-day. (RB) Ken Darby has a slight strain with his ribs. (LB) Chris Draft will still be out two or three weeks. (DT) La'Roi Glover has a torn meniscus in his knee. He has had it so he should be ok, we will keep an eye on him. (CB) Tye Hill will start jogging this week. (G) Richie Incognito is getting an MRI at 5 p.m. so we will wait and see on that one. (RB) Steven Jackson will be out this week. (DE) Eric Moore should start practicing this week. (T) Orlando Pace has a grade-two MCL and he will be out 2-4 weeks. (WR) Derek Stanley, (LB) Pisa (Tinoisamoa), and (LB) Will (Witherspoon) came through ok."

(On CB Ron Bartell's injury)

"He had a MRI and it wasn't a torn meniscus or a bone bruise so we just have to take it day-to-day and see how he is. It is a soft tissue injury."

(On when DT La'Roi Glover got hurt)

"It happened a couple weeks ago and he has been fighting through it. It swells up on him and he is going to get it drained today and fight through it."

(On if he intends to put T Orlando Pace on IR)

"That is something that we will have to discuss but right now he is 2-4 so I am going to talk to (T) Orlando (Pace) and see what he thinks."

(On why RB Steven Jackson will be out this week)

"They feel that he should be out this week and we should rest him. We will see what happens next week."

(On if RB Steven Jackson has gone to see a specialist)
"He has had a second opinion in town. The doctor told him the same thing we are telling him. He has a strain with a little bit of blood in it and it is going to take some time to heal. He thought that he should take some time off also and let it heal and rest. I just go with the people that understand that. The trainers, I trust their judgment."

(On how RB Antonio Pittman played)
"I thought he did fine. I thought the running game did alright. It was a shame that we got behind and we could not keep running it. We had 125 (yards rushing) and he had 95. I thought, for the most part, he was effective. I thought the running game as a whole was pretty good. When we got behind and with the margin that we got behind, it really did not make a difference."

(On the status of T John Greco)

"We will see how he is. He hurt his knee last week and I think he should be able to practice this week. If (G) Richie (Incognito) can't go this week, I would expect him to be the starter over there. He will be up one way or another. We were going to bring him up this week but he got hurt on Friday."

(On if QB Marc Bulger will start on Sunday)

"I talked to the coaches about the whole situation, we talked about it with all personnel upstairs today we're going to stick with Marc just based off of what we saw on film. He had a couple bad plays, but for the most part we had a bad seven plays in a nine minute span. Besides that he threw the ball pretty well and made good decisions, but we had those three turnovers, which in the last two games we've played we've had eight turnovers in two halves basically."

(On if the decision to start QB Marc Bulger is based on what's best for this week or because of the investment the organization has made in him)

"With Marc, I think it's a little bit of everything. I think we have to do what we feel is best for the organization. If you have somebody that steps in, is he going to step in for the whole time? Or if he goes bad are you going to replace him and put Marc back in? You kind of have to take everything into account. Just talking to all of the offensive coaches upstairs they felt that Marc right now still gives us our best chance to win."

(On how he can cut down on turnovers)

"You just have to make good decisions with the football. The snap, I'm still really not sure exactly what happened. It's hard to see it on film, he said he never got it, it kind of looks that way, but I'm not really sure, I haven't talked to (C) Nick (Leckey) about it, but we have to make sure we can't put the ball on the ground from those standpoints. So, I don't know if that was Marc's fault, if that was the center's fault. But throwing the ball up the field, the one he got intercepted he just threw it short. We had a deep route on to (WR) Donnie (Avery) and he underthrew it; you just have to lay it out. When you have a guy that has that much speed you just have to throw it and let him go get it. It was an underthrown ball and that's how it got intercepted."

(On if QB Marc Bulger should let go of the ball quicker)

"Well, I don't know, he has to get a feel for when he should let it go. I thought in practice when we threw it all week, he threw it out there and he let (WR) Donnie (Avery) go get it. This one for some reason, it didn't go as far."

(On the second turnover)

"They were kind of clearing it out with one and he (WR Donnie Avery) kind of stumbled and that's when (WR) Torry (Holt) was coming back underneath and then the guy that was coming came off with the interception."

(On if WR Torry Holt would have been open on the second interception play if WR Donnie Avery hadn't stumbled)

"Yeah, I thought he would have been open."

(On if there was miscommunication between QB Marc Bulger and WR Torry Holt during the game)

"Well, Marc was calling all the plays in the second half. He was trying to get guys into position based off the coverage and sometimes it was misread. For the most part, in the second half they did ok; they were basically on the same page."

(On if QB Marc Bulger should have made the throw on the second interception play)

"I probably wouldn't have, but in his defense there's no check-downs, there's no where to get rid of it. I probably would have just thrown it away, but he thought when he let it go that (WR) Torry (Holt) was coming open, so I can understand why he threw it."

(On why QB Marc Bulger was calling the plays in the second half)

"We were going no huddle. He's prepped all week on what to call and basically Marc calls all that stuff, all the two-minute red-ball we call it."

(On why there was poor tackling)

"To me that's will. You have to want to tackle. For whatever reason yesterday, in that strand of time in the first half, we were bad tacklers. Nobody could get anybody down. We practice it all week, we put the pads on on Thursday, we tackle, so to me it's just you have to go out there and do it. We didn't do a very good job. That was probably the most disappointing thing on the defensive side because you had chances to get off the field at certain situations, then you had a missed tackle. We had like three missed tackles on (49ers RB) Frank (Gore), who's a heck of a running back, but your defensive end misses it, your corner misses it and your safety all three of them miss a tackle, guy walks in for a 5-yard touchdown. You have to just keep stressing it and working at it. I can't go out and tackle for them, so we can try to put them in the best position we can and then they're going to have to do the tackling part of it."

(On how to correct the poor tackling)

"Technique, rolling the hips, running through things, bringing it to the ground, a little of everything."

(On if the team morale is fragile right now)

"The disappointing thing was we talked about it all week, you know, taking the ball and if we're going to get the ball to (WR) Donnie (Avery) and put points on the board to start. Well, we take the ball and offense does a nice job of moving it down, we get in that situation and we miss a field goal. From the get-go, you're sitting there thinking, 'oh, here we go, we missed a field goal,' so you can see it right then after that because that's something you talked about all week and you could feel it a little bit as they came to the sideline. Then we get the ball back on defense, (S) O.J. (Atogwe) makes a great play, gets the ball out. They stop us and we get a bad punt and they bring it back. So, all the sudden they have 10 points on the board because the kicker and the punter, you know, we didn't do a very good job in that area, which to me, right now, are two of our better players. So, we had a bad punt, a line-drive right to a heck of a returner and we miss an easy field goal for him."

(On if the team hangs their heads on the sideline when they get down)

"They don't do that. In the second half, we came out and they put it back together and we played well. Maybe I should just tell them we're starting out in the second half. I don't know. For whatever reason, I don't want to say they're fragile or something, but teams get that way after a while. That's something you have to fight through. In this business, you have to have some mentally tough guys and they have to fight through things like that. Obviously, you have to take care of the football and that will help, but you can't let yourself get down because something bad happens in the game. Something bad is always going to happen in a football game. It does. San Francisco had it happen in the second half. You have to capitalize on those types of things."

(On if he thought there was still some progress made in the game)

"I thought there was progress. I still think they are in the right frame of mind, but somehow we have to get over this other part of it. I know we have injuries and we have all the issues like every other team has. When you're out there and something like that happens, that's what the good teams fight through. They can fight through those things. The teams that have the 2-8 record, that's what you get."

(On why he thinks there is a lack of will in team tackling)

"That's a hard one for me to answer. Sometimes you're not big enough to tackle. Sometimes, the guys who are playing against you are better than you are. In this case yesterday, we had guys to Frank (Gore) three or four times and we just didn't get him down. Sometimes it's not holding the edge so you can half-tackle, sometimes you have to square up and make tackles. It was really only two or three guys who missed a lot of tackles yesterday, but they came in the most important times."

(On if he thinks he has players in the locker room who are capable of motivating other players)

"Again, I haven't been around all of these guys long enough to know that. That's a hard one for me to answer, to be honest with you. I'm going to have to be around these guys a little bit longer to figure them out, so that's a hard one for me."

(On the penalty against the coaching staff)

"That was against me. The referee was standing over the football and I was telling him to get off the ball so we could snap the ball. They were throwing the challenge, we were in, and the referee was standing over the ball. We were trying to run a play and he was standing over the top of the ball, so I was telling him to get off the ball so we run the play and he throws the flag. Nothing was directed at him. It was directed at him getting off the football, though. I don't know why it was called. The guy beside me said the same thing."

(On the words he used describing the ball)

"Yeah, well. It was still not directed at him, it was directed at the ball. Get off the ball, we're trying to run a play."

(On what he was yelling at the ball to do)

"I was telling him to get off the ball. Quit standing on it. It's hard to run a play when a guy is standing over the top of the ball."

(On what was different between the first and second halves with respect to the pass rush)

"We got in situations where it was third-and-long, so we could do a couple of things. We could blitz more. We didn't have those situations early in the game. That was basically it, third down. I think in the second half on defense, we got six punts and a fumble. That's a little bit different when you stop the run and get them in third-and-long. That was the big difference from the first half to the second half."

(On what the biggest changes were in pass rush schemes from last year with Will Witherspoon and Brandon Chillar)

"We don't have (Brandon) Chillar, so that's hard to do. Will (Witherspoon) has been nicked up most of the year. He's had a shoulder injury so we haven't used him as much. We feel that when we got Chris (Long) and with Leonard (Little), we didn't have to use him as much, also. With him, those two with James Hall, we felt like we didn't have to do it as much and we really haven't done it a lot."

(On if he is intrigued to see what the young linemen can do if Richie Incognito is hurt)

"It will be (John) Greco if it happens. I'm for playing guys. When you have two wins, you're trying to see what some of these young guys can do. If his opportunity arises this week, I'll look forward to watching him play."

(On if Jacob Bell has had trouble keeping weight on)

"He's not as heavy as he was last year and I'm not really sure why. Again, I didn't really research Jacob (Bell) when we signed him as a free agent and I don't really know that much about him. I'm getting a feel for him and he's a good athlete. He's a good player, he needs to put some weight on. I do know that."

(On the amount of low snaps)

"We had some issues the last couple of weeks with shotgun snaps. He brought that up yesterday. We work it every day in practice, but I know it's hard for a quarterback. You're in the gun for a reason and if you have to keep bending down to get the snap and you have to take your eye off the coverage, then you might as well not get in the gun. The reason is to keep your eye on what's going on, to see if there's a blitz, the protection, what kind of coverages they're in. If you're scrambling for the ball all the time, you might as well be under center. That's something we talked about also today. We'll keep working on it because Marc (Bulger) likes it."

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