Marc Bulger Today -

Marc Bulger Today

Here is what Marc Bulger had to say today at Rams Park.....

QB Marc Bulger

November 19, 2008

(On the team meeting with Head Coach Jim Haslett today)

"He was real direct. We know we have to play better so he did not bore us with any long speech. He was pretty cut and dry. We have to come back out and get ready for Chicago. We can't feel sorry for ourselves, we just have to try to get better and get out of this rut."

(On what has been happening in the first half the last two games)
"It was a point of emphasis last week. Coach Haslett told us we had to come out strong and we didn't. It is just a matter of us coming out and playing better and getting a lead but he told us we had to play 60 minutes. Before our struggles were late in the game and now it is early in the games. We just have to find a way to play two halves."

(On the Chicago Bears defense)

"They fly around every where. Obviously, they have great athletes but watching the tape and when Coach Lovie Smith was here, you knew guys were flying around the ball. If the ball was on the ground you knew (DE) Grant Wistrom or someone would always be around for those opportunities. There are always seven or eight guys around the ball carrier so you have to protect the ball and our linemen need to sustain blocks because they do a great job of taking it away."

(On going with a no-huddle offense)

"We will try anything. It got us going in the second half last week. It has been spots during the season where we have used it just to get us going. We are a pretty young team on the outside and to get all those things done would be a little difficult right now. We just have to get better at what we do before we can move on any further."

(On if he likes playing in a no-huddle offense)

"I am pretty comfortable. We did a lot of that here in my career. It does, in a way, simplify things but defenses will catch up. You can't do that the whole game but it is a good change of pace. That is not something you could do consistently because everybody in the league would be doing that if they could get it done."

(On playing without T Orlando Pace)
"Unfortunately he is probably out a month or so but losing him and playing without (RB) Steven (Jackson), guys are going to have to come in a do a good job. (T) Adam Goldberg did a great job last week and we have a lot of confidence in him and hopefully we will get (T) Orlando (Pace) back by the end of the season. (T) Adam (Goldberg) has played a lot of football so I think we will be ok there."

(On if the offense can find positive things from the past games)

"We can. If you watch as much tape as we do, you can find positive things, but it's a bottom-line business and we're not getting the points. It's a matter of whether we run it in or throw it in, or whatever we have to do, we have to find a way to get more touchdowns and help our defense out to play with a lead."

(On the Bears defense and their ability to create turnovers)

"They're an experienced team. They know how to get the ball out, they know what lanes to take. Their DBs are rangy. Their D-line are not huge guys, but they are athletic, a lot like our defense. Sometimes they'll get caught out of place, but they run so fast to the ball that other guys cover for them. It's a fun defense to watch on film."

(On if thinks guys are playing for their jobs)

"I think you learn that. Maybe some young guys don't understand it, but every game I remember asking my dad when I was little, watching the Steelers, I said, 'How do you guys play if you are out of the playoffs?' If you are professional, that's what you do. It is your job. Coach (Jim) Haslett told us that two weeks ago, that he's going to find out who wants to be here and you're on tape. If you give up, it will show up on film and you won't last long in this league."

(On if he thinks he is playing for his job)

"Everyone is playing for their job every week. I've been playing for a job since high school, college and in the NFL it gets even more magnified."

(On how his dad answered his question)

"He said, 'They're pros and if you don't do your job, you know you could lose it.' He tried to explain it that way and it made sense. It's a violent game, too. This isn't like another game. If guys start to give up, you get injured in a hurry in this league. Like I said, we're professionals and it's our job to go out there for our fans, for the coaches and for each other."

(On the Rams maybe needing to win some games for Coach Jim Haslett to keep his job)

"He was dealt a bad deck of cards. He's doing all he can to get us going and motivated. It's up to us to help him out. I know we haven't given up. There are definitely some winnable games coming up. I'd love to win the rest and solidify his job. I know I speak for a lot of players when we say we'd love to try to help him win some of these games."

(On if he likes playing for Coach Jim Haslett)

"I do."

(On if he thinks about needing to play well to hold onto his job)

"I don't. I have a lot of time spent on getting ready for the Bears. I don't really have time to think about anything else. I'm just getting ready for the Bears."

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