Bears 24 Rams 3 Halftime -

Bears 24 Rams 3 Halftime

As expected the Rams pretty much brought nothing to the Dome this afternoon. The Bears have been pretty much able to do anything they wanted to. The usual ails continue to haunt the Rams. Here is the quick rundown.....

Bears able to do whatever they want to running the ball. Matt Forte has run for 88 yards and the Bears in whole have already run for 149 yards. That is a really good full day of rushing and we have only played 2 quarters.

Kyle Orton is sitting back in the pocket just picking the Rams apart going 13/18 for 118 yards. He has passed with ease barely being touched today.

The Rams offensive line getting completely blown up. They have surrendered 3 sacks already and as an offense they have only gained 68 yards. The Rams have rushed 10 times for 10 yards. HORRIBLE.

Here is the most damning stat. The Rams in the past 3 games have been outscored 123-13. That is absurd. I can't do that on my XBOX 360 on Madden.

Trent Green has not been on target with any of his passes thus far. The worst example was the final possession of the first half when he missed two open receivers and then horribly threw a third down pass to Torry Holt.

I don't see any chance of the Rams getting back in this game and frankly I don't see how they will win a game the rest of the season.

BTW....doesn't this game have the feel of a pre-season game. It feels like we are in August and not in November. The Rams are managing to suck the life out of football on Sunday.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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