Bears 27 Rams 3-End Of 3rd Quarter -

Bears 27 Rams 3-End Of 3rd Quarter

The game has totally had the air taken out of it. The Bears are just trying to get the clock run out and get out of here and move on with their season.

A couple more bad stats for you.

The Rams hav 0 yards rushing for the entire game. I am wondering if Richie Incognito wonders what the Rams fans think of that?

The Rams have been sacked 4 times already.

The Rams have been penalized 10 times this afternoon. Horrible.

The Rams are an Adam Goldberg false start away from every starting offensive lineman coming up with a false start penalty.

Another wonderful afternoon of football at the Dome.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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