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Jim Haslett-Monday Press Conference

Here is a transcript of what Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett had to say on Monday afternoon......

(Opening Remarks)

"I'll give an injury update, (DE) Victor Adeyanju hurt his neck, but he should be ok, he'll be day-to-day. (WR) Keenan Burton's knee, also day-to-day. (WR) Donnie Avery hurt his hip, we're probably going to give him a day off, but he should be ok for the game. (LB) Chris Draft will start running this week and hopefully he'll play. (CB) Tye Hill's knee, he's going to start running again this week. (G) Richie Incognito had a blow to the head and he was light-headed most of the game. It was on a field goal and he should be ok. (RB) Steven (Jackson) came through ok. (WR) Dane Looker has multiple things, he's got a knee, a hand, a thumb, but he'll also be alright. (T) Orlando Pace came through ok and so did (LB) Will (Witherspoon). So, we came through it alright."

(On WR Dane Looker's injuries)

"He's had the knee and then he did something to his hand and he hit his thumb, so he's getting a little bit of everything."

(On if RB Steven Jackson got sore in the fourth quarter)

"From what I understand, yeah, he got sore. He started and then, I said this yesterday and it got blown out of proportion, he got sore about the 30th play and started dragging a little bit, but his conditioning is actually fine, he did a great job on that, but you could tell he hadn't played in a month and he was a little sore. I commend him for fighting through it and trying to get in there in play. He did a good job when he was in there."

(On limiting RB Steven Jackson in the fourth quarter)

"The plan was to get him about 15-18 touches and then try to go on third down with (RB) (Ken) Darby and spell him with 'Pitt' (RB Antonio Pittman) when he needed a break. That was kind of the plan. I think he got 22 touches, so he kind of got a little bit more than we wanted, so he got a couple more than he was supposed to get. Then actually in the fourth quarter we were in nickel most of the time, so Darby took that stuff for protection."

(On Miami having the ball most of the fourth quarter)

"Yeah, they ran it out most of the time."

(On why RB Steven Jackson came out for the play at the 5-yard line in the first quarter)

"It was just one of those...he came out on that play so, (you) couldn't really tell when he got tired, but for the most part I thought he did a good job."

(On what caused G Richie Incognito's light-headedness)

"I guess he got hit in the back of the head on a field goal play."

(On if G Richie Incognito didn't get light-headed what would have been the plan for G John Greco)

"Greco was going to work in some for (G) Jacob (Bell) and then Incognito was going to kind of flip back and forth. What happened was when he got hit and he couldn't play, John took the rest of the plays. He did ok. I thought he did a lot better in the passing game than he did in the run game. Our young guys struggled in some areas, but in others they did ok. But he's kind of fit in with all the other guys."

(On how LB David Vobora and S Todd Johnson played and if they will be in the lineup this week)

"Well, David kind of did the same thing. David did some things well and then some other things he didn't do very well. Again there's another rookie stepping in and playing. He kind of got lost where the other extra defender was a couple times. On the run game he spelled some things wrong, did some things wrong, but he also made some plays. Then I thought Todd did a pretty good job when he was in there. We'll talk about as a staff again tomorrow, but I can see it going the same way."

(On S Oshiomogho Atogwe's play)

"O.J's a heck of a football player and I think people are starting to recognize that. The guy's a ball magnet. He does a great job of punching the balls out, he's got great hands, I thought he almost had an interception and he's a good tackler. He also did, when Todd came in, O.J. ended up playing some down safety or tight safety whatever you want to call it. He was a little bit more in the box than in space and he does a good job in there also."

(On how S Oshiomogho Atogwe practices punching the ball out)

"He' kind of natural at it. When we first got here, he didn't have the best ball skills and he worked on it and worked on it and then we started emphasizing him punching the ball out and he did. Ever since, I don't know if you remember the play, when 'L.T.' (Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson) came through, we were playing Sand Diego and (he) kind of punched him in the face. The next time L.T. went to punch him in the face he grabbed the arm and knocked the ball out and then ever since then he's been doing it."

(On Charger's RB LaDainian Tomlinson's strong stiff arm against S Oshiomogho Atogwe in the game on 10/29/06)

"(Tomlinson) tried to get him again and O.J.'s a great learner and when the guy did it again he knocked his hand down and punched the ball out."

(On how T Orlando Pace played)

"He came back this week and played well, especially in the passing game. He went against (Dolphins LB) Joey Porter most of the time and Joey is second in the NFL in sacks and I thought he did a great job on him. It just shows you what kind of competitor he is. He's a tough guy who wants to come out there and play. I told those guys that I appreciate it under the circumstances with our record, guys trying to come back that fast and get on the field and play, and he played well. I know he's a little sore today, I saw him in there. He's a little sore but I thought he had a good outing. I thought the offensive line did a good job in pass protection most of the day."

(On if he thinks T Orlando Pace has anything to offer in the future)

"He does. He's still efficient. He's a good athlete and can still cover them up. He's big and powerful. I remember playing him back in the younger days and obviously, everybody's skills erode a little bit, but the guy still brings a lot to the table."

(On what he could change in the red zone to generate more points)

"That's a good question. We haven't scored enough touchdowns, that's the bottom line. In the last four games, we've scored one touchdown. In the last six games, we've scored three touchdowns and two of them came at the end when we were down by 14 or more. Somehow, we have to manufacture points and get to the end zone. We've only scored 12 touchdowns all year on offense. Maybe we don't have the big play type players that we've had in the past, but there are other teams in the league that are similar to us that are finding ways to get in the end zone and we just have to try to find some ways to get there and we're not. We're not doing it right now. We had good drives yesterday, a 10-play drive, a nine-play drive, a 12-play drive, and then we sputter out and we kick field goals. Somehow, we have to try to continue those drives and get some touchdowns and right now we're not doing it."

(On the play calling in the red zone)

"I'm not really sure to be honest with you. I think we're trying to exacerbate all of the run the ball in, throw it in, whatever we have to do, but we just haven't got it done."

(On what he saw in the passing game)

"Again, they played a lot of '2-man' on us. We ran some three-man routes and they were doubling Torry (Holt) and doubling Donnie (Avery), at least on third down and on second-and-long. We have one receiver to work one-on-one. We actually did a pretty good job on third down, I think we were 50 percent on third down. I thought Marc (Bulger) managed the game well in the first half, kept it close, did a good job. The first pass that was intercepted really wasn't his fault. We didn't get a really good route and he didn't see the linebacker come out. The second one was his fault on the boot. That was just a poorly thrown ball and I'm not really sure why. The last one at the end of the game, he was just trying to make a play and threw it up. For us to win, with the offense we have right now, we're going to have to run the ball, Marc (Bulger) is going to have to manage the game well. We have to do those two things. We're similar to the team we just played and that's what they do. They run the ball well, (Dolphins QB Chad) Pennington manages the game well and right now, those are the two things we have to do to win."

(On if having RB Steven Jackson back will help)

"I think any time you have a chance to run it in, it will help. We just have to get down there."

(On if the team has practiced enough in the red zone)

"We've practiced it a lot. It would be good if we got down there. I think it's only 17 times this year that we've been down there. I think Arizona has been down there about 60. We need to get down there more."

(On if the problem is more decision making or execution)

"It's more execution that anything."

(On what makes P Donnie Jones so good and if he thinks Donnie is a Pro Bowler)

"I do think he's a Pro Bowler. There's a couple things. One, he has a live leg, a really live leg. He's a big guy, he's powerful. He can control the ball well, he can spot it, he can place it where he wants to. If he wants to kick it deep, he can kick it high. He can do almost anything he wants. Plus, we have pretty good cover units. One thing about our football team that I can say that is positive is our coverage units on kickoff and punt have been pretty good all year. I think Donnie (Jones) feels good about it, he can't punt it down there. We don't have to worry about punting it out of bounds or sideways if we have a great returner. We punt to the best. The coverage units have been doing a good job and obviously he has a heck of a leg on him."

(On what he can take out of this game)

"I'm disappointed that we didn't win the game, because I thought we had an opportunity. We even had an opportunity all the way to the end with 1:50 and we had to go 75 yards. We got the ball close to midfield with 54 seconds and then we never gave ourselves a chance to get it in the end zone. We had opportunities to win the game. We had opportunities the first drive if we could have scored. If we just could have scored one touchdown, we would have won the game. We did a good job on defense, for the most part, doing the things that we did. We didn't blitz a lot based off of what they do. I thought the defense played well enough to win and we just didn't get it done. We just didn't score a touchdown. All we needed was one."

(On the offensive pass interference call against WR Torry Holt)

"They could probably call it, because both were pushing and then at the end you see his arm extended. I don't know if he got a push on him enough to call it, but you see the arm extended so I can see why they called it. That was a killer, because you have a chance to be first-and-10 at the 13, but now were back at the 40-yard line. That was a big play."

(On the Chris Long vs. Jake Long matchup results)

"Chris (Long) did a great job. The first or second play of the game, he got a hit on the quarterback. (Dolphins T) Jake (Long) is a heck of a football player, but I thought he did a great job yesterday. He was excited about playing Jake (Long) all week."

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