Is Marc Bulger Done? -

Is Marc Bulger Done?

Before we get to throwing Marc Bulger under the bus and declare his career over, we should all take a deep breath. Bulger has not been good this season and was awful against the Dolphins yesterday but to unequivocally say that he will never be a productive quarterback in this league again is not a fair statement. Not quite yet.

Sometimes quarterbacks who are "done" do have some life left in them. All you have to do is look at the top 10 in quarterback ratings in the NFL and you realize things can change. Third on the list is Kurt Warner. He has put up MVP type numbers this year and is back to his old form. Bulger has not had anywhere the years Warner did when the Rams were going to the Super Bowl but there are other quarterbacks in the top 10 who are comparable to Bulger.

Jeff Garcia was "done" in San Francisco. Now he is in Tampa Bay where his Bucs are 9-3 and Garcia is 6th in the league in passer rating. Chad Pennington was "done" in New York now his Dolphins who were 1-15 last season are competing for a playoff berth. Pennington has the 5th best passer rating. Don't forget about Kerry Collins who was "done" in the NFL. Now he is the starting quarterback on the winningest team in the NFL. None of those quarterbacks would have been ranked ahead of Marc Bulger before the season started.

Those are four examples of quarterbacks that everybody said were "done" and now they are all playing winning football in different situtations. A quarterback gets too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose. You need talent around you to win and clearly Bulger does not.

Maybe Marc is done and maybe he isn't but to definitively say he is done you can't say with any certainty. A change of scenery may be needed for Bulger's career. My hope is that the Rams get some offensive talent in the offeseason and Bulger clears his head and gets right for 2009.

I do know this though. The Rams should definitely be bringing in one quarterback via the draft who they can envision as the starter in the future. Someone to groom to be the face of the franchise moving forward. Bulger is going to be the Rams starting quarterback in 2009 but it is definitely time to be looking for a new quarterback if not for 2009 certainly for the future.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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