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Jim Haslett-Wednesday

Here is what Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett had to say today....

(Opening Remarks)

"Injury wise, (DE) Victory Adeyanju has a neck (injury) and he was limited today. He'll be day-to-day. We'll see how he goes. (LB) Chris Draft practiced today with his broken foot, I thought he did ok, we'll see how he is tomorrow. (CB) Tye Hill was running on the side, but he still...we'll have to make a decision on him pretty soon. I think that's the three major ones."

(On if G Richie Incognito is ok and if he had to take a psyche test)

"Yeah (he's ok). No, he didn't have to take one, he's fine, he practiced today, he did fine."

(On if they will have to keep WR Donnie Avery out to rest)

"He sat, he did all the walk-throughs, he did individual walk-through and then we took him out of all the team stuff. Him and (WR) (Keenan) Burton and (WR) Torry (Holt) was limited. We tried to give the receivers a break today; they've been running a lot."

(On CB Tye Hill's injury)

"Well, we have to make a decision. Him sitting around doing nothing, this is week six and sooner or later you have to get back on the field. He's been hurt for, this is what, he missed eight games last year and he's going to miss 10 games this year and another 12 games this year, that's a lot of games."

(On if he thinks RB Steven Jackson is full-go)

"I think you have to have to ask him, so we don't have a conflict here, but he looked fine to me today. I thought he was fine."

(On if he plans on giving RB Steven Jackson more touches this Sunday)

"Yeah, I think they'll be more. We'll sit down, based on how he feels this week, we'll try to give him...he looked good to me today, so we'll add some of the reps based off how he feels. But he'll get back in the swing of things full-go here. I thought he looked pretty good today."

(On how much it means to the team to have RB Steven Jackson on the field)

"He's a great football player. Any time you lose a player, he's probably the best player on our football team, if you lose a guy like that and it means a lot to you. It means a lot to your offense obviously, and it means a lot to your defense because it keeps them off the field. You saw the results last week; I thought the defense played better, obviously, when you play less time. And it helps special teams because the field position. We said it from day one that for us to win games Steven has to do a great job of running the football along with 'Pitt' (RB Antonio Pittman) and (RB) (Ken) Darby as a compliment and (QB) Marc (Bulger) has to manage the game well."

(On if he talked to RB Steven Jackson about the comment he made in the locker room last Sunday)

"Yeah, I talked to him about it. He thought I was questioning his conditioning and I watched him condition the whole month that he wasn't practicing. He was in the pool, he was biking, he was jogging and doing all the things, so I monitored that, I know that. Now, what I meant was his leg was, you know, he hasn't run on the leg and it was getting tired. You could tell, but I thought he looked good today."

(On if it's a possibility that RB Steven Jackson was sensitive because he pointed out earlier that his injury is a result of missing training camp)

"I don't know that. It's hard for to answer. I don't know if he's sensitive in those areas. He did work hard the month he was out on his conditioning, so I'd probably have to agree with him on that standpoint because we did watch that and I did monitor that. I worked him out personally the one time, so he'll be fine."

(On the wide receivers not getting open in games)

"I think its a couple things. One, if we can loosen up the secondary you have to have a great running game, so that's number one. I thought the line did a great job protecting them last week. We did a lot of three-man routes, so they were doubling people. I've never seen a team get doubled as much as we do either being on the outside guys, so I think once we get full-go and Steven's running, he's getting his 30 touches a game, or 25, 30 touches a game, it'll loosen the secondary up and we'll get the one-on-one that we need to get."

(On LB Chris Draft's quick recovery)

"You know what and I said this after the game, I'll go back to (T) Orlando Pace the guy's supposed to be a three-four week injury, two-four week injury, he comes back in six days. Chris Draft has a broken foot, he's supposed to be six weeks, he comes back in two weeks. So, if nothing else, it shows you some of the character you have on the team with some of the players. Now, it's not equating into wins enough, but it does show you at the end of the year when you're evaluating your football team what kind of guys you want to have on your team. Those are the kind of guys you like to have."

(On if LB Chris Draft is healthy enough to play)

"Yes, he will start. He'll start at the Mike linebacker, middle linebacker, not at the Sam where he's been playing."

(On if LB Chris Draft doesn't have a setback if he'll start)

"If he feels good tomorrow and feel that he's ready to go, then he'll be the Mike this week."

(On the defense playing better when LB Chris Draft is on the field)

"He brings a lot of leadership to the group, number one. I think he brings a calmness to the group because he's smart and he can play any position and he can get people lined up, so when team's that are hard to defend from the standpoint of getting the linemen their shifts and motions and all that, Chris is kind of the calming effect, he gets people lined up in the right spots and he does a great job. That's why we inserted him earlier in the season to settle the defense down. We have a lot of young guys out there; he does a great job of handling all those people."

(On if he's going to try to work in LB Chris Chamberlain, T John Greco and S Todd Johnson into the lineup this week)

"Yeah, we're still going to try to work those guys in. I thought Todd did a good job, he didn't have a lot of reps, but he had some. Greco played a lot; I thought he did a nice job in pass protection. We're going to work Chris Chamberlain in some this week, so you'll see him on the field so we get a look at him before the seasons out. We're going to play him at Sam, going to play him at the strong side, so we're kind of moving some guys around a little bit."

(On if he counsels the players on what they do in public and if he carried a gun when he played in the NFL)

"No, I never packed, I don't even like guns. I kind of stay away from them. I teach my kids if there's some in the house, you go to a family's home and they got a gun that's not in a locked case, then to get out of the house because I think they're dangerous, I don't think its right. We do talk to our players about it. I talked to them today about the situation. I don't understand, me personally and being an ex-player, a guy out 2 a.m. when I know you have practice on a Saturday. And you're still an hour away from home. When you're in Manhattan (NY) you have an hour to back to (New) Jersey, there's a lot of things I don't understand. We talked about it today to the players because we're going to be on the road this week. We're leaving Friday to go to Arizona, we have a 1 a.m. curfew, we get in at 7:30 (p.m.), so these guys have time to go out to eat and kind of relax and enjoy themselves. I talked to those guys about that today and they have to be smart. You've got the whole world watching you right now and the National Football League's watching you. I trust our guys that's one thing. One thing we have, we have some good character players on this team, so I trust them to do the right thing."

(On if as a head coach he worries about players getting into trouble the night before a game)

"We did it a little different down there (in New Orleans), but not the night before the game. You always worry about Friday or a Monday night when they get a chance to relax. Training camp (if) guys do have guns, they're required to turn them in. At least down in New Orleans you had to turn them in because it was amazing guys would have them. I used to look at them like wow, I never touched them, I had the security guy take them and lock them up. But some guys feel they need protection."

(On players turning in their guns at training camp)

"Yeah, if they're carrying and it has to be registered in whatever state you're in."

(On if players brought guns to training camp in Mequon, WI. this year)

"I don't think we had one."

(On comparing the players turning in their guns to grade school teachers taking toys from students)

"That's different."

(On the players suspended for steroid use today)

"I don't like commenting on some of these things because I don't know the situation with (Vikings) Pat (Williams) and (Vikings) Kevin (Williams). Three of the guys I did have in New Orleans and I know those guys; they're not taking steroids I promise you that and they're not trying to hide anything. With (Saints) Deuce (McAllister) and (Saints) Charles (Grant) it's always been a weight issue and they always try to keep their weight down, so they were probably taking something trying to keep their weight down, but I'm not speaking for them because I don't know that. But when I was with them at the time, I know they were trying to do the right things, but those guys have weight issues. We try to do the right thing here and we have a nutrition bar that we have going. We put the products that the NFL licensed in there, EAS Sports and we do that. Also, some players have stuff through Ava Care. They bring their products in, so everything that we have in this building has been okayed by the NFL. And if they take something outside the building, they're required, we tell them to call the trainer and get it and find out if it's on the list or there's a website they can go on and look. We try to tell them not take anything outside the building, don't buy anything outside the building. We have everything. We have protein, we have vitamins, we have recovery drink, we have everything they need inside the building. They really don't need anything outside that bar area."

(On if the team can take anything they learned from the game against Arizona earlier this season and apply it to this game)

"Don't turn the ball over, number one, because it's going to kill you. And if you get a chance to make opportunities to make plays, you have to make them. I thought the turnovers led to 10 points early. We did a good job and then Jon (Wade) had a chance to keep it 10-7 or 10-10 at halftime, but we dropped an interception and they got a touchdown. There were a lot of good things you can take from the game that you can work on, but really they have a great offense, they're going to move the ball some, they move it on everybody, they score points, so we're going to have to be patient, we're going to have to play great in the red zone on defense. Offensively, we're going to have to score some points because they're number one in the league, they're averaging about 27 points a game and if you want to play with them you're going to have to score some points. Our guys know that field goals aren't going to win this game, we're going to have to score touchdowns."

(On if he expects Arizona to be more fired up because they have a chance to win the NFC West title this week)

"Well, they had a chance last week to get over the hump too. I think our goal is to go in and try to not let them win the championship. They've done a good job over the years accumulating players. (Arizona Head Coach) Ken's (Whisenhunt) done a good job with the team, running the offense and getting those guys that are high-powered guys scoring points. This will be a great challenge for us to try to go in there and limit that."

(On if he thinks Arizona is the team to beat in the division this season)

"I said at the beginning of the year that I thought Arizona was going to be the best team in the league just because of all the players they had, they way they played at the end of the year. The way (Steve) Breaston's come on. They really have four pretty good receivers. They've done a good job of drafting players in the last three of four years."

(On if the players still have the confidence to win games)

"That's something you have to ask them, I think they do. They come out to practice and they practice hard and they do the things it takes to win. So, somehow it has to equate to the field. We have to do the right things on the field. You can't turn the ball over, number one, and then when you have a chance to win the game, you have to take that opportunity and seize it and we haven't done that."

(On Arizona's recent losses)

"They got behind last week and they were playing catch up and the game before that they were moving the ball down the field. They really want to get the receivers on the field and they have good football players that are receivers, so they're trying to get they're best players out there. I think (RB) (Tim) Hightower's a good football player, he ran well against us. We did some things that we trying to take away their receivers and they caught us on a couple runs and I think we're going to have to be careful this time. We're going to have to make sure that we stop the run, but you always have to account for the good receivers. They have two great receivers."

(On T Orlando Pace and C Brett Romberg's play last week)

"Well, Orlando was outstanding. He did a great job on Joey (Porter). Romberg was rusty the first time he played a couple weeks ago I thought he got better this week. Shotgun snaps were excellent, pass protection was excellent, we have to get the run game all squared away and I think he'll be even better this week. Just having Orlando back, obviously, that helps; it kind of picked up. (G) Richie's (Incognito) been playing good football. (T) (John) Greco came in and played good. (G) Jacob (Bell) played one of his better games this last week. So, hopefully it's coming together. We did some good things on offense last week. We did have 130-yards rushing, we were 50 percent on third down, but we didn't score any touchdowns. When you're 50 percent on third down and you run for 130 yards, you should be able to score a couple touchdowns."

(On if play calling changes if T Orlando Pace is playing on the offensive line)

"Well, not so much Orlando, more the running back, than anything. You run plays based off what the runners are good at or what they like, so not so much up front."

(On if he's surprised with RB Ken Darby's progress)

"Darby's a great pass protector. For a guy that was picked off the practice squad, he's got good running skills, he's tough as nails and he's a really good pass protector. So, I like Ken. That's a great find. We have a couple guys that we've picked off the practice squad. We were talking about it the other day, we said, "We picked up Darby off the practice squad, turned out to be pretty good. (TE) (Daniel) Fells is coming on like we thought. I think (Executive President/Player Personnel) Billy's (Devaney) done a good job of locating some guys on team's practice squad that have panned out for us. They're going to pan out too, they're going to get better and better."

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