Steven Jackson-Thursday -

Steven Jackson-Thursday

Here is what Rams Running Back Steven Jackson had to say after practice on Thursday....

(On how his leg feels)
"The leg is doing well. I was able to practice full go the last two days and I have been able to be apart of everything in practice. It feels really good."

(On his relationship with Head Coach Jim Haslett)
"Me and Coach Haslett are good. We have been able to kind of look back at the film and laugh about it. Everything is fine."

(On Coach Haslett's comments after the game against Miami)
"He explained to me like he explained to you guys, he was talking about the quad muscle fatiguing and not so much about my lung capacity."

(On how he felt after last week's game against the Miami Dolphins)
"I think I had 43 or 45 snaps in total and that was definitely more of a work load then I anticipated going into Sunday's game. I was able to get through it well and I had no setbacks with the leg. I was able to practice yesterday and today and I do expect the workload to kind of be a little bit more this week against Arizona."

(On if he can handle more carries this week)
"If I have five carries in a row that means we are doing good running the ball. I hope that can happens, but just me being on the field, in space one-on-one with a linebacker is good. I would like to definitely be on the field on third-down situations and make their defense play honest and not so much them playing against the pass so heavily or against the run. We want to keep them as balanced on defense as much as possible."

(On scoring touchdowns in the redzone)
"Going against an offense that scores 28 points a game, when we do get into the redzone, we have to put up touchdowns instead of field goals to beat Arizona. We know that, at any point on the field, they have a wide receiver duo or a triple threat now and they are able to score from anywhere on the field. We definitely, as an offense, have to score six points instead of three."

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