Red Zone Key For Rams -

Red Zone Key For Rams

If the Rams are going to have any chance this weekend against the Arizona Cardinals they are going to have to find a way to score some points in the red zone. This season the Rams are dead last in every red zone category possible. They have gotten there the fewest amount of times. An astounding 19 times. Think about that stat for a second. That means they are getting to the red zone a little over one time a game. You can't win football games on any level doing that.

The problem continues to be, on top of not getting there, that they can't score touchdowns when they do get there. There is no reason on 1st and goal you shouldn't be handing the ball off to Steven Jackson 4 times if that is what it takes to score. The Rams in the past two seasons have either gotten too cute trying to score or Jackson has not been on the field. Those things should both be corrected this weekend.

I don't really see the Rams coming away with a win this week in Arizona but I do feel that it will be more competitive than the 14 point spread would indicate. As an old St. Louis Cardinals fan I would hope they wouldn't clinch their first division title against the Rams. The Cardinals haven't won a division title in my lifetime and I can wait another week to see that happen.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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