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Jim Haslett The Day After

Here is what Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett had to say the day after a 34-10 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.....

(Opening remarks)

"(CB) Fahkir Brown twisted his ankle but he should be ok. He will be day-to-day. (K) Josh Brown hurt his groin but he should be ok for the game. He probably will not kick much this week. (LB) Gary Stills is going to have an MRI on his knee and depending on the results; we will see what is going to happen there."

(On when K Josh Brown got hurt)
"(K) Josh (Brown) actually tweaked it on Thursday in practice. There really wasn't any lingering affects but he felt it in the game."

(On if K Josh Brown's injury caused him to miss the field goal at the end of the first half)
"I don't think it had anything to do with the kick. That is probably the most disappointing play in the game because we had the chance to get the score down to a one-score game and we missed it. Then we gave up a big play and held them to a field goal so instead of going into halftime 17-10 we went in 20-7 at halftime. So that was the most disappointing play in the game."

(On If T Alex Barron will start this week)

"He will be back as the starter."

(On why T Alex Barron did not start against the Arizona Cardinals)
"He was late to a team meeting on Friday."

(On how did T Adam Goldberg play)
"He did ok. I thought (T) Alex (Barron) did ok when he was in there also."

(On what can the St. Louis Rams take from the loss against the Arizona Cardinals)
"No loss in the NFL is good. They are always hard to take but Mondays are hard whether you win or lose. Obviously, losing how ever many games we have loss in a row is not easy. That was a good football team that we played. I said going into this season, that was the team to beat to win this division and that is one thing that I got right. I think they are a good football team and they have a lot of weapons and they did a nice job. We had a chance to get back into the game and get it to a one-score game but whenever we got to that point we would mess it up. We never really got into striking distance."

(On how they can stop turning the ball over)

"That's a good question. Turning the ball over and the fumbles, we've just got to hold onto it. We work it, we try to strip the ball in practice defensively and I think it helps the offense when you're trying to do it. Then the quarterback with the interception there, it's either bad decisions or bad throws or a guy makes a great play. In this case, it was a little bit of both in the interception."

(On the similarities between the Rams and the Seahwaks)

"They've got a lot of injuries, they're playing with a lot of different people. I thought they played pretty well the other day against New England. They had a chance to win and Seneca Wallace played quarterback, I thought he was 22-28, he did a nice job. They have some linemen upfront that are new, so there's a lot of similarities. Obviously, not having their quarterback healthy all year and kind of being beat up on the outside and losing their receivers that's kind of the reason why they're in the situation they're in."

(On if WR Donnie Avery is having problems with the playbook)

"There was a couple times. He missed a hot (route) one time and he missed a couple things, but again, when you're playing with young guys and you have the volume that we do on offense, they're going to be some mistakes. You have three rookies out there playing on the offensive side playing receiver, so you're going to get a few of those."

(On if those mistakes shouldn't happen this far into the season)

"Well, I said the same thing yesterday. You'd think he'd be over it by now, but obviously we're not."

(On how LB Chris Draft played)

"He played about exactly what we thought he'd play, about 20 plays because he was going to play regular and deuce and then all the sub stuff Will (Witherspoon) would take. I thought he did ok, he did well for a guy that's missed this much time, he came through ok."

(On why the didn't go for it before the half)

"Because your chances of scoring back at the 11-yard line are about three percent with 47 seconds and one timeout. You're not going to score, so we thought coming out at halftime we'll have the ball, why risk it. Why risk getting another turnover or something happening putting us back even more, so 13 was enough."

(On there being nothing to lose if they went for it before the half)

"Well, you can look at it from your standpoint you can say there's nothing to lose, but I think there's a lot to lose. It's all how you look at it. You can go for it at fourth- and-13 also, your chances of making it are about three percent or take the three points, so however you want to look at it, but 47 seconds, one timeout and to go 89 yards, I don't think your chances are very good."

(On if he talked to RB Steven Jackson today)

"I didn't talk to Steven today. I talked to him yesterday when the game was going on and after the game, but I didn't talk to him today about it. Obviously, you guys talked to him, he's disappointed. (Gerald) Hayes made a nice play and ripped one out and the other one he was just trying to make a play, the guy came up and blocked, he spun out on it and his helmet just happened to hit the ball. I'm sure he's disappointed and he feels bad about it, but again on the spin move he was just trying to get away from the guy and it was just one of those plays where his helmet hit the ball and it popped out."

(On Josh Brown's missed field goals coming at momentum-changing times)

"I agree with you. That's why I said it was the most disappointing play of the day, because you have a chance to keep it within a score in the first half. Then, we actually settled down in the second half, but we missed the field goal and let it get away from us. I think that's the third time in the last four weeks that that's happened. The guy is a good kicker. I see him kick everyday in practice and in the games. Last week against Miami he was four for four. Why he gets there? I don't know, but he is a good kicker."

(On if missed field goals deflate the sidelines)

"You kind of feel that. You fight to get back down there and keep it within a one score game right before the half. Then, you miss it, they get the big play and we hold them to field goal. That's a big swing. You're talking about 20-7 or a one touchdown score going into the half. Now, you're coming out, you know you have the ball, but you have to get two scores to take the lead. I think that was the biggest play of the day."

(On the two easy scoring drives the Cardinals had to start the game)

"I don't know if they caught us off guard. They picked us and had a couple of routes that caught us off guard. Then, we got a little more aggressive as the game went on. We weren't really sure what we were going to get right away. That's kind of our M.O. on defense right now. After we give up something, we settle down for whatever reason. We need to start faster. We need to do a better job holding teams, but they got a couple on us early, we did settle down and played fairly well after that."

(On if this team is able to play a whole game well)

"I would think so. Obviously, three turnovers and a missed field goal, that's the stuff you have to eliminate from your game. If you go out and take the score from yesterday and go throughout the league and see the teams that lost, you're going to see that turnovers are going to be a big factor in it. In the Washington game, I think they had five turnovers. You don't have a chance to win against other good teams that are pretty good when you turn the ball over five times."

(On if the losses are harder to take when you have so many in a row)

"Anytime you lose and you're out of it, it's tough, but the guys are all professionals. They get paid well. They will come to work Wednesday. We'll practice well. Our problem is not during the week, for some reason. We practice well Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Our problem is Sunday. We need to take it to Sunday. We don't turn the ball over in practice. It's a little different. Obviously, you don't have a live pass rush and all that stuff, but I think the way our guys prepare. They do a good job. They're into it, they study, they go out there and work hard on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and obviously, this team we just played was a better football team than us. That's really what it came down to this week."

(On what the team can show the fans in the last three games to give them hope)

"Hopefully, we win some of these games. That would be first and foremost. We're going to go out there and play hard and try to do the right things. We can't commit turnovers. We can't put the ball on the ground. We can't miss field goals. That's kind of an on-going thing I've been saying to you guys for the last four or five weeks. Hopefully, it will set in here."

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