Chavous Out, Johnson In -

Chavous Out, Johnson In

Jim Haslett made it official today that team captain Corey Chavous will not start this weekend and Todd Johnson will take his place. Chavous was told personally by Haslett and was apparantly very gracious saying he will do anything the coach wants him to do. Corey is a tremendous player whose time has unfortunately passed. He no longer can make the plays he did 5 years ago and the game is passing him by. From all accounts he will make a terrific coach for someone if he wants to do that.

It is interesting how the Rams will manage these final three games. You have a coach who needs wins to get his job next season. The problem is you have a franchise that is in need of finding out if they have any diamonds in the rough languishing on the bench. I don't know how you can tell a coach who has a win quota he needs to meet to play a possibly inferior player.

As stated in a previous blog I believe Jim Haslett is the head coach for the future. If the Rams believe that then he should be allowed to tinker with the roster even more and not have to worry so much about getting the wins.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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