Marc Bulger-Wednesday -

Marc Bulger-Wednesday

Here is what Rams Quarterback Marc Bulger had to say after practice today at Rams Park....

(On the tough season so far)
"We would like to come in and get ready for the playoffs and draft position but it is a good opportunity for a number of guys to show what they can do and solidify jobs for next year. It is just fun for me and for a number of guys who just like playing football. It is a job and everything but it is still fun to come in and compete every week."

(On how things can be fun at this point in the season)
"You can't get down to much. We dug our own grave and once you get eliminated, you have to have fun. We are meeting the same amount and we are practicing and trying to make things better. You have to include fun because if you don't then the season would never end."

(On his frustration with the offense this season)
"The coaches spend a lot of time here, they are here 18 hours a day. When they put something in, we really just have time to go in and study what they have put in and try to execute it. The coaches put a lot more time in so we trust them."

(On the lack of scoring offensively)
"We have moved the ball great but when you are only putting up seven points or 10 points or 12 points, we know that is not getting it done. Close is not good enough in this league so we have to find away to get the ball in the endzone somehow."

(On the chances of getting a win this week)
"We feel we have a chance every week. I think everyone in this league can win week-to-week but I guess record speaking, I would say yes. They beat us pretty good up there last time so we really are not in a position to speak about beating anyone right now. We just have to find away to win but when you are 2-11 you can't take anything for granted."

(On if he is playing for his job)
"I think everyone is. Every year, year in and year out, there has been guys that have made it to Pro Bowls and are worried about their jobs. You can't worry about it, you just have to do the best that you can. This league is going to put you where it is so I just do the best I can. That is all I can do."

(On the Seattle Seahawks)
"They are consistent. When you watch them, it is the west coast system. They run their slants and they run the ball. They have had the same quarterback for a number of years so you know what you are going to get. They have had great success. We have had some great battles but they have had our number lately. They have been consistently a great football team except for this year. It has been a great rivalry for us."

(On what to expect for the Seahawks)
"They are similar but I think losing (DE) Patrick Kerney hurt them a lot because he is a great player. He is like (LB) London Fletcher, he gets them going. They still have some guys on defense that will make some plays but losing (DE) Patrick (Kerney) and other key players hurt them a little bit."

(On if he is frustrated by the receivers running the wrong routes)
"We are a little young in some spots and those growing pains are going to happen. You get frustrated but I don't know anyone who walks on the football field and doesn't get frustrated at some point. I would not look to far into it. It is something that happens when you are young and we are going to be better for it in the future."

(On the leaders on the St. Louis Rams football team)
"(DE) Leonard (Little), (WR) Torry (Holt), and (S) Corey Chavous, I could go on and on. The guys that have been around the block, unfortunately, if you play long enough in this league, you will have a year like this. You never want to but the older guys are letting the young guys know that this is something you have to fight through. It sucks to go through it right now but you are on film every week and if it shows that you quit, if you don't show up for work or you are missing your meetings the coaches are taking notes now. Now is the time that you have to work even harder than if you were winning."

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