Free Agents Don't Want To Play For Rams -

Free Agents Don't Want To Play For Rams

Not a lot of big news out of Rams Park today but one very interesting tidbit. Head Coach Jim Haslett said in his press conference that there have been "street" free agents that won't sign with the Rams because of the uncertainty in the coaching situation here in St. Louis.

That was a bit surprising to me when I first heard that but it does make some sense to me the more I thought about it. If you were a street free agent would you hold off on signing until when the rosters expand and have a better gauge on your future situation. Or would you rather be stuck on a roster for a team you don't know, a coach you don't know, and your future in limbo even more than it already is being a street free agent with no choices on where you can go play?

This gets back to my point about the Rams and Haslett. The Rams brass has to know by now if they think Haslett can turn this thing around or not. Whatever happens in these final three games really shouldn't effect that. This team is bad in a lot of positions and the problems they have can't be fixed at this point. But they can in a few weeks. Either way the Rams need to move fast on keeping Haslett or finding the new head coach and having him in St. Louis and on the job by the middle of January.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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