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Jackson Finds Endzone...Rams 14 Seahawks 7

Steven Jackson has finally found the endzone and the Rams have retaken the lead 14-7. This is the first time that Jackson has had a rushing touchdown since October 19th. For those of you keeping track at home today is December 14th so that is a LONG time between rushing touchdowns for your star running back.

The Rams gambled on this drive twice. First they went for it on fourth and one. Second they ran a direct snap to Jackson who flipped it to Dane Looker. Looker then threw it to Marc Bulger, who was wide open, for a 13 yard gain.

The Rams went 97 yards on 18 plays. That is easily their most impressive drive of the season. That may be one of the most impressive drives by any team in the NFL this season. Great offensive effort thus far.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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