At The Half..RAMS 17 SEAHAWKS 7 -

At The Half..RAMS 17 SEAHAWKS 7

As we hit the end of the second quarter the Rams head into the locker room with a 17-7 game. With the exception of the Derek Stanley fumble and the Joe Klopfenstein fumble everything has gone the Rams way.

Jason Craft is having his best day in a Rams uniform. He has been in the Seahawks backfield more than Julius Jones has been. He has been everywhere and if Seattle can't figure out a way to block him they have no chance of winning.

On offense the Rams have been very effective moving the ball. Steven Jackson has carried the ball 17 times for 81 yards rushing. On top of that he has 26 yards receiving. Marc Bulger has been effective as well going 10/17 for 122 yards passing and a touchdown.

The time of possession has been remarkable....Rams 20:14 Seahawks 9:46

Total Offense....Rams 243 Yard Seattle 76 Yards.

As I stated earlier if it weren't for the turnovers this game is a complete blowout. That of course is not the case. Seattle has to get something going offensively or they have little chance to win this game.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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