Incognito Kills Drive....RAMS 20 SEAHAWKS 13 -

Incognito Kills Drive....RAMS 20 SEAHAWKS 13

Josh Brown just connected on a 48 yard field goal extending the Rams lead back to 7. Rams 20 Seahawks 13.

The play that killed the drive though was a 3rd and 12 play that Marc Bulger had to scramble around and throw to Steven Jackson. Jackson came up short on the play but Richie Incognito was called for holding. His fourth penalty of the game by the way. The Rams may have gone for it in that situation but the penalty killed the drive. Incognito continues to play wrecklessly and if I were GM for the Rams I would look at getting rid of him in the offseason. I wouldn't dump him to dump him but if you can upgrade I would not hesitate. Incognito is not a player you can build the inside of your offensive line around.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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