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Why The Rams Are 2-11...RAMS 20 SEAHAWKS 20

There are reasons why teams have the records they do. The reason that bad teams have bad records is because they don't do the little things. They don't put teams away when they have the chance (Today). They turn the ball over at bad times (Klopfenstein). They take too many stupid penalties (Incognito). All of these things add up to teams not winning football games at any level.

So after dominating the game for the most part with 2:47 to go the Rams and Seahawks are tied at 20. I know I am not alone in being frustrated by the Rams this season but this is definitely a microcosm of everything that is wrong with Rams football.

The only thing left to complete the circle is the Rams turning the ball over here and giving the game away.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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