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Jim Haslett-Monday

Here is what Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett had to say today after a 23-20 loss to the Seahawks....

(Opening remarks)
"(WR) Derek Stanley has a torn ACL and meniscus tear so he will have surgery when the swelling goes down. Probably 2-3 weeks and from what I understand, it is a 6-8 month injury. It is a shame because I thought he was coming on and he was helping us some. It is one of those deals that he will have to deal with it. (WR) Lee Evans had it and that is one of his friends so he knows what he went through and he will have to fight his way back. That is a tough injury for him."

(On how WR Derek Stanley got hurt)
"He just came around and planted his foot and his knee just twisted. Obviously, he popped his ACL."

(On the status of RB Steven Jackson)
"(RB) Steven (Jackson) is ok. From my understanding, he just got light-headed and he did not feel well. He must have come out of it and went back into the game. The trainer came up to me and said (RB) Steven (Jackson) is down right now and we are looking at him. Two plays later or three plays later he was on the field. That is all I can tell you."

(On if RB Steven Jackson had a concussion)

(On if he would have liked to run the ball late in Sunday's game)
"It would have been nice and that is one of the reasons why we did not run it. (RB) Steven (Jackson) was not in the game and that is when we threw it up. At that time I was glad we were a little aggressive. We did have a 7-cut that was open we could have hit but we did not do it. Obviously, if you a going to throw three straight times you better complete. We only needed 35 yards for a field goal opportunity to win the game. You are going to have to throw the ball at some point to get some yardage. Obviously, not having (RB) Steven (Jackson) in there was one of the reasons."

(On the offensive drive that lasted on 0:18)

"We have done that a couple times this year. You have to complete the passes to eat some clock up and get some yardage. We had three straight incompletes."

(On when was the 7-route open)
"The first play."

(On what happened on that play)
"I don't think he located it right away and by the time he was ready to throw it, they collapsed on him. If he would have threw it right away, it was open."

(On if RB Ken Darby is part of the two-minute package)

"No, he alternates some on third down, but he's not part of the two-minute package."

(On if RB Antonio Pittman is ok)

"Yeah, he's fine."

(On why RB Antonio Pittman didn't get much playing time)

"We wanted to play (RB) (Ken) Darby some."

(On what he thought about the pass interference call against WR Torry Holt)

"A coach's perspective is different; I didn't see any pushing off. I thought he made a nice move, came back and made a nice catch on the ball."

(On if he heard that the official watched the pass interference play on the Jumbotron)

"I heard about it, but I don't know if that's true or not. (WR) Torry (Holt) was talking to the referee, so I'm sure whatever the discussion was that Torry relayed to you."

(On if he's ever heard of a referee making a call based on what he saw on the Jumbotron)

"They're not supposed to, I know that."

(On if they sent the pass interference play in)

"We sent the play in."

(On who will return on kickoffs and punts)

"Well, we don't have a lot of options because we think we've lost two or three already. We'll probably go with (RB) (Ken) Darby on kickoffs and then (WR) Dane (Looker) on punts."

(On RB Ken Darby's play)

"I thought he did ok. He made a few mistakes; missed a 'hot' one time, ran the wrong route a couple times, but for the most part he did ok. He runs hard, he plays hard. I think he's going to be a pretty good player. He's a good size, he's 212 lbs., he puts it in the ground and runs, so just trying to take a look at all these guys for the future."

(On how RB Ken Darby looked on kickoff returns)

"I think he had two kickoffs for a 29-yard average. It was a little scary, he brought one out and was about 6 yards deep going backwards and he brought it out, so that's something he's going to have to work on. He's hasn't done much of it, but he'll hit it running, but he had a good average. I don't know if I would have brought the one out that was 6 yards deep, but he has to make good decisions back there."

(On S Todd Johnson's play)

"I thought Todd did fine. I thought Todd did a good job inside."

(On if he was more frustrated after this game than any of the previous games)

"Well, yeah, you have an opportunity to put a team away in the first half and I think it was 14-7, we had the ball in great field position, got nothing, got three plays and out, we kicked a field goal and made it 17-7. Got the ball right back again, had an opportunity to go up 20 or 24-7 at halftime, really enhance your chances of winning and then we turn the ball over. Yeah, I was frustrated from that standpoint because there's one right there sitting out there for you and you just don't seize the opportunity. I had a bad feeling at halftime because they're hanging around and if you know that team, when they hang around they usually get back in the game."

(On if there's been any feedback from ownership)

"I haven't talked to ownership."

(On what needs to happen in order for him to come back as the head coach next year)

"You know what, I'm going to be honest with you, I'm going to just try to worry about what happens the next two games and worry about the coaches and the players because the speculation and the newspaper articles, all the internet stuff, I'm going to leave that up to you guys. Really, I'm just really going to try to take care of business and try to give our team the best chance of winning games that's all I can do."

(On how he plans on winning the next two games)

"Well, we're going to have to do a better job of controlling the ball. We can't turn the ball over, you can't blow leads and when you have a chance to put a team away you have to put them away. This is a good team coming in this week. San Francisco's a good team. They're playing physical, they're playing hard, they're in every game, their quarterback's making great decisions with the ball, they've got a heck of running backs in Frank (Gore) and (DeShaun) Foster did a good job the other day, so we're going to have to play at a high level this week to win this game."

(On moving CB Jason Craft around on defense and that contributing to his effectiveness)

"We didn't really move him around. He blitzed a lot and came off the edge and did a lot of different things. I thought he did a nice job. He had a couple of forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, a sack and could have had a couple more. That's what Jason (Craft) does. We were just a little more aggressive yesterday on defense than we've been in the past just because of the team we were playing."

(On Seattle picking up the tempo in the second half on offense)

"That's what they do. They always start the game out in the first half and in the second half like that with fast tempo. They line up, they change personnel groupings and that's one thing we didn't want to do. We didn't want to be out there and be confused, so we stayed in the personnel grouping the whole time. That's what they do, that's their M.O. They have scripted the first 15 plays on offense and then at halftime they do the same thing. We did a nice job of stopping them to kick a field goal in the second half."

(On having 23 turnovers in the last seven games and if he has ever had a streak like that)

"I never have. That's the frustrating part of it, because like I said, you have an opportunity going in at half, to really put the game out of reach and then we turn the ball over. It's disappointing because it's something different every week. Last week, you had some people, this week you have two different guys. That's the most frustrating part of it right now because you have some chances to play with these teams in our division. We can play with these teams if you don't turn the ball over, but a lot of teams will say that too."

(On what TE Joe Klopfenstein could have done to prevent the fumble)

"He had it in his left hand. I don't know how the thing didn't go out of bounds but that's probably the way the season is going. I think (Seahawks LB Julian) Peterson came around and punched it from the side and somehow it didn't go out of bounds. It bounced off of his shoulder and came back in bounds. You just have to secure it better. When people are bearing down on you and there's a linebacker and a safety closing on him, you have to hold that thing, tuck it. You're not going anywhere. You're not going to break too many tackles with two guys coming at you. You have to hold onto that thing."

(On if maybe he didn't see the guys coming)

"He saw the safety coming. You have to hold onto it and he actually had it in his right hand. He had it in the proper hand, the out-of-bounds hand."

(On the weird bounce)

"It wasn't really a bounce, it just stopped."

(On it being a strange play)

"I agree with you, it was a strange play. It was like it was just sitting there, it didn't move."

(On not challenging the long pass play to TE Daniel Fells)

"They ruled incomplete on it. I thought it was incomplete, at the time, too, because he hit the ground and the ball popped out."

(On the two long pass plays on the Seahawks scoring drives)

"It wasn't properly played. On the last one, we just didn't play it right. We had two guys on Deion (Branch) going vertical and we didn't play it right. He just ran a 'seven' cut, we played it a couple of plays before, actually the same play, same defense in the game earlier. This time, we didn't play it right."

(On if the safety had the outside coverage)

"Safety had the outside, linebacker had the inside."

(On S O.J. Atogwe being out of position on the long pass to Deion Branch)

"That was a shame, because I don't know if he was guessing on it, or I guess if you said he ran where it was supposed to be, he was kind of guessing. It was a 'seven' cut, Deion (Branch) just took it a little bit higher than normal. O.J. (Atogwe) rolled outside looking for the interception and he just went a little more vertical. Actually, it's O.J.'s (Atogwe) play. It's a hard play but he's done it many times."

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