Gameday Blog: At The Half-Falcons 17 Rams 14 -

Gameday Blog: At The Half-Falcons 17 Rams 14

The Rams just cannot stand prosperity. Right after the Rams score on a Marc Bulger touchdown pass to Donnie Avery the Falcons immediately comeback and score the go ahead touchdown. Jerious Norwood returned the kickoff to the Rams 9 then took a direct snap the rest of the way for the Touchdown. Norwood was responsible for all 100 yards of the Falcons comeback.

Looking through the stats of the first half both teams have run the ball effectively. Steven Jackson has 107 yards rushing and a touchdown. For the Falcons Michael Turner has 59 yards rushing and a touchdown as well.

Neither quarterback is having a great day but they aren't playing awful either. There has only been one turnover and that was a Matt Ryan tipped ball that was intercepted by Jason Craft.

Everything else has been pretty even. The Rams have given some top teams some fits this year at times. We'll see if they have 30 minutes of excellent football to pull out a win or if they will pack it in like they have done so many times before this season.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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