GAMEDAY BLOG....SEASON ENDS....Falcons 31 Rams 27 -

GAMEDAY BLOG....SEASON ENDS....Falcons 31 Rams 27

The Rams season ended with a gut-wrenching 31-27 loss in Atlanta. The Rams were able to drive the ball into Falcons territory but could not convert on 4th and 10 and that was it. Today's game at least was not a laydown but a game that continued to expose the problems with the Rams. The Rams defense once again was not able to stop the run. Michael Turner ran for 208 yards. The Falcons ran for 265 yards today in total.

Offensively Steven Jackson was able to run the ball today with 161 yards rushing. Marc Bulger was not able to get anything going today. Although not bad he just couldn't find many receivers down the field today to create offense.

The Rams finish the season on a 10 game losing streak and questions everywhere. The first step will be to hire a new coach. If the Rams are smart they will make the move in the next two weeks to either bring someone in or keep Jim Haslett. There is so much to do there cannot be any time wasted by management at Rams Park.

The Rams most likely will have the number two pick overall pending some results today. I am just hoping that they pick best available with every pick because there is not one player on this roster that is untouchable in my book.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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