According to the AP: "Josh Hancock's blood-alcohol level was point-157, nearly twice the legal driving limit." Watch News 4 coverage
It's a sad week in St. Louis, not only because of the loss of Josh Hancock, but because of the backlash against coverage of his death. I'm disappointed with members of my own profession who continue to complain about the coverage, and I think they need to step back and take a deep breath. Many are sports reporters, who are often effectively cheerleaders for the Cardinals, and maybe that is blurring their judgement on this. We knew as early as Monday that alcohol was likely involved in the death of this talented baseball pitcher. I'd venture to say the Cardinals organization knew that within hours. Yet I had to listen to a local sports radio host on 550 ranting this week about how it's none of our business, since JH only hurt himself. This guy even argued that JH saved lives by not swerving at the last minute! Tony LaRussa basically threatened the media with a fungo bat if they weren't "sweet." Stop the madness! We are all human, we all mourn the loss of this man's life. The only hope is to carry a message out of this tragedy, and the media is the best avenue to accomplish that. This should start with the Cardinals - from Walt Jocketty and Tony LaRussa to the individual players. The man was a millionaire, or close to it. He could afford a driver, or at least a cab. Drunk driving is NEVER AN ACCIDENT. This was a CRASH, and a completely avoidable one, by a high profile athlete. Thank God no one else was hurt.

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