Do you remember in high school or college when that chant would start during a big football game? Your team is protecting the lead, the other team is driving down the field, and time is running out. Defense is everything. With full credit to Congressman John Shimkus, that's exactly how I felt today when those terrorism suspects were caught planning an attack on a military base IN THE U.S.! A sports analogy is perfect, because whether it's the FBI, the CIA or the Military, they are absolutely our front line defenders. These people were calling for jihad against our country, and we stopped them cold. We probably have no idea how many times they've stopped attacks since 9/11, and that's fine with me. One thing is for certain - there hasn't been an attack on our soil since 9/11. That's the kind of "iron curtain" defense I like.


I know some people didn't think it was strong enough, but I was impressed with the Cardinals news conference on Friday. They were upfront, and honest in the face of some uncomfortable questions. I don't think banning alcohol from the locker room has anything to do with Josh Hancock's death. It's about proactively identifying problems, and dealing with them, and then in this case waving the terrible loss as a red flag to others.

Many people don't know it...but we're facing a deadline that means many of the television sets across the country will become completely useless. There's a good chance there's one in your house, or maybe your parent's house. On Friday morning's newscast (6:45 am), I'll have a report on why it's happening, and some mistakes you can avoid if you're thinking of buying a new TV.


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