If you haven't seen this story, what a sad one for these parents. 4-year old Madeleine McCann disappeared 14 days ago from a resort in Portugal. Parts of the story beg lots of questions, because the girl's parents left her and her 2-year-old twin brother and sister alone in their room while they went to a tapas bar in the resort. What were they thinking? Most of these resorts offer babysitting, although it usually isn't cheap. But the story is huge in Europe and you can go to the website to read more.


Courtesy: Rivals.com
Kentucky finished the recruiting season with a huge win when 6'8'' Patrick Patterson committed to play for the Cats next year! For now we'll ignore the obvious bias in the coverage of the event by the national sports media. Kudos to Billy Gillispie for closing the deal, and to Tubby Smith for establishing us as a contender early in the process. Patterson is the real deal, and should have an immediate impact. I can't wait until November - and Midnight Madness!

If you're interested in free software via open source, check out the story I did this morning. It should be available under the video center on the News 4 This Morning page. If you're at all competent on a computer, you should love Linux and the ability to get many of the common software capablities for free. Our Professor even set up his computer for dual-boot, so he can choose to use either Windows or Linux. He did point out that he still likes to do his taxes online, and the financial software he uses won't work with Linux. So be warned there are limitations!

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