There's a reason I'm not a sports reporter. I'm such a big fan of University of Kentucky basketball, I'd have to recuse myself every time they were in the news! While I'm just thrilled with the signing of Patrick Patterson this week, I'm disturbed that my fellow journalists in the major sports media don't seem to notice their own bias. From ESPN to Sports Illustrated, every excuse was made about why Patterson would pass up such an excellent opportunity at Florida - just to play for Kentucky. He chose Kentucky simply because it was closer to home, they reasoned. Patterson did mention this, but Kentucky had been one of his top choices from the beginning. Maybe he chose the Cats because they are the winningest program in college basketball!
I know the rules of an even playing field don't always apply to local sports reporters, because many also work for local sports teams. But at the national level - they should hold themselves to higher standards.

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