The headline in the Washington Post should send shivers down the spine of every American: "REPORT CONFIRMS TERROR DRY RUN"

A Homeland Security report just released confims that when 13 Middle Eastern men were detained after Northwest Flight 327 back in 2004, it was much more than just a few "paranoid" passengers overreacting. You may remember after the men were arrested, they even held a news conference to claim they were being "profiled". What really happened on that plane? Here's an excerpt from the Inspector General's report:

During the flight, about eight of the 13 Middle Eastern males behaved in a
manner that aroused the attention and concern of flight attendants and passengers,
and later of the air marshals and pilots. Suspicious activities noted by flight
attendants and other passengers included: 5
* One man, with a limp, sitting in the emergency row area, repeatedly refused to
exchange seats, pretending not to understand English, even though he spoke
English to the gate agent. The promoter eventually helped convince him to
change seats.
* One or two men walked the aisle, appearing to count passengers.
* One man rushed to the front of the plane appearing to head for the cockpit. At
the last moment he veered into the first class lavatory, remaining in it for
about 20 minutes.
* One man carried a large McDonald's restaurant bag into a lavatory.
* Several men spent excessive time in the lavatories.
* Another man, upon returning from the lavatory, reeked strongly of what
smelled like toilet bowl chemicals.
* Some men hand signaled each other. The passenger who entered the lavatory
with the McDonald's bag made a thumbs-up signal to another man upon
returning from the lavatory. Another man made a slashing motion across his
throat, appearing to say "No."
* Several men congregated in the aisles, changed seats, and arose when the seat
belt sign was turned on in preparation for landing.
The flight attendants first notified the air marshals of suspicious actions at
12:53 PM, 20 minutes after the flight departed DTW. Eight Middle Eastern males were
changing seats. About 14:00 (1 1/2 hours into the flight), a flight attendant notified
another air marshal regarding the suspicious behavior...and directed them to inform the captain. One of the suspicious individuals had taken a large McDonald's bag into the lavatory. The air marshal checked the lavatory, but found nothing suspicious.

Frightening stuff. The journalist who was on the plane - Annie Jacobson - described the exact same thing immediately after the flight, but her concerns were dismissed by many of our own government officials. Read Annie's story here The saddest thing is, no charges were ever filed against these men. Be afraid, very afraid.


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