As a general rule, I do not take pleasure in other people's pain. When I heard this morning that Florida Coach Billy Donovan is jumping ship to the Orlando Magic Billy jumps ship, I had a hard time sticking to my own rule. You see, Billy Donovan just made a major mistake, and my own beloved Kentucky Wildcats may benefit from it. It's really hard not to take joy in what must be a horrific day for University of Florida basketball fans. After Donovan turned down the Kentucky job, many Florida fans visited the UK website click here! to gloat about the snub. Then Billy went on to land several major recruits, giving Florida the top recruiting class in the country. Again, Gator fans flooded the UK websites to harass us. Now Gator Nation is in shambles...and already one top recruit is re-thinking his committment to UF. I'll bet more will leave before it's over. But UK fans have been there before, and more than anyone else have earned the right to gloat. Rick "Benedict" Pitino made the same mistake in 1997, leaving UK for the Celtics. It was a disaster, and so too, will this be for Billy D. Rich, spoiled NBA players don't play for the love of the game, they play for money. Recruiting is not part of the equation, and millionaire athletes don't believe they need a father figure. One day, Billy D. will return to the college ranks, hoping to resurrect another program like he did at Florida. At least he'll have lots of money in the bank. That's obviously important to him.


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